Welcome, one and all, to the First Wednesday Festival…Writing!
Some of these were self-nominations, and some came from others. If you have something wonderful to share for next week’s edition, please don’t be shy…send it on in to WednesdayFestival@gmail.com. Deadline is midnight on Monday!
FYI: The Second Wednesday Festival Topic will be Blogfun! Memes, Quizzes, Recipes, Photos…

Lord, may our Festivalling bless and uplift us, and may we glorify You as we share with and support each other…

First, and classically, we have sermons:
Did you see Cheesehead’s wonderful homily for a double funeral? The Ampersand tells of a couple who were only separated, in their 70 years together, by World War II and by the two days between their deaths. Get your hankies ready.

Sally has dared a narrative sermon, and Songbird shared her wonderful dramatic reading from Sunday, based on 2 Samuel 1:1, 17-27; Mark 5:21-43 and “Sleeping in the Forest” by Mary Oliver.

Who Are We? How Are We Called to Be Here?
Carmen writes of Superman’s Return, and of who she is. And who we all are, and are to be. PamBG writes about women in church leadership, and what women and men need from church – is it different? Sally writes about her call to ordained ministry in Not a Feminist. Lorna, too, is writing about her calling. Jan (Starving Artists) has started a good discussion about dysfunctional clergy and where clergywomen fall in that mix.

Here’s a very personal note on the subject of being called, from Ann at Your Only Comfort:
“Hi there, I’ve been quite quiet of late, mostly in part of being a little shy regarding posting anything publicly in the time leading up to my ordination exams. Well, the exams happened on Tuesday night. The classis (our version of a presbytery) decided by a vote of 16-18 not to ordain me on account of my honesty about being gay. I finally managed to get it together to to post about the events on my blog tonight. Here it is. Thank you all for being such a great group of RevGals. Hopefully with the vote behind me, I can post more often. I really appreciate the blessings of this wonderful community. With best regards, Ann.”

Ann’s sermon to her congregation is embedded in the link. “Do not fear. Only believe.” Dearest Ann, 163 pairs of virtual arms are reaching out to embrace you, and we weep with you and your congregation and your family. Courage and peace and blessing are flowing your way.

What about The Church?
Diversity is NOT Crisis. The post is a commentary/meditation from Jannine Marie on assumptions about change, growth, and diversity, from an Episcopal perspective. It ends with a prayer for peace.

More thinking about National Church actions from Quotidian Grace: “Trust,But Check Your Thermometer,” about the Presbyterian General Assembly’s actions.

The Theology of Sexuality
PamBG has a thought-provoking post on Blessing Civil Partnerships: Why I do not think that the theology of homosexual acts is a Gospel issue.

Just Plain Great Writing
Sue writes thoughtfully about her journey with depression in a three-part series. Start reading with part one.

Rachel thinks about confession at: “There Are 7 of ‘Em”

Hipchickmamma had a great post this past week about images of the Feminine and the language we use in worship.

Contemplative Chaplain had a really amazing ministry moment when the gift of humor came blazing through. Don’t miss it.

Catherine’s Reflections on Thursday Healing and Eucharist “is an exquisite poem on her personal experience of the Eucharist. Wonderful, sensitive writing. It made me feel as though I were there, kneeling beside her.” And here’s another poem from Tara at Praying on the Prairie.

Sr. Steph sticks up for Doubting Thomas, “who always seems to get a bad rap.”

Jan at A Church For Starving Artists wrote a very strong post about worship and the 4th of July.


One-Foot learned what it’s like to be on the receiving end of ministry and caring… perhaps a very overlooked part of ministry, letting others minister to us.

If you have other posts to add to this Festival, please do share them with us in the comments…and have A Blessed Week!

12 thoughts on “First Wednesday Festival

  1. what an impressive line up of writing – think we’ll all be busy reading for the rest of today.and (((((Ann))))) wish we could comfort you more. God does have it in hand – and has a great plan for your life -and He blesses your honesty- but my heart goes out to you as you work through this … sigh – why does it have to be so hard?


  2. Oooh, I like it… even if participating in the festival will be tempting me all day instead of doing all the things do be done when a week starts on Wednesday yet will still end on Sunday.


  3. Well done Mary Beth, you have lead the way for all of us! I like the mixture, and a variety of people. And invitation for thoughtful and caring reading.{{{Ann}}}. 16-18, God is not done with you, your ministry or your ordination yet. We surround you with prayers and thoughts and love!Reverend mommy we miss you and good to see a post from you.Now off to work for me, and later reading to do.


  4. Oh boy, I shouldn’t have even stopped in. I am doing last-minute stuff before heading out of town for 10 days. I want to sit and read. I’ll do that when I get back, right? Except there will be a whole new list. Be blessed, everyone. Especially you, Ann.


  5. Theses look good, I;ll have tofind time to read…Anyway I was thinking, since I know how “likely” I am to remember which theme is up for the Wednesday festival (and trusting that I am not alone in that memory problem) is it maybe a good idea to post a reminder of what that theme is on the weekend? Also that will remind us to nominate posts…


  6. Gord, Sue did post a reminder with her Sunday prayer.We are going to put the themes for the weeks in the sidebar very soon, where they will be easy to find at short notice.Hope this helps.


  7. Sue’s reminder was sort of what got me thinknig. It was the themes I knew I’d forget, not so much the existence of the festival.


  8. Dear RevGals,Thank you so much for your kind words and comments and thoughts and prayers. You are simply the best. It means so so so much to have you in my life – you keep me sane. Thank you.


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