Sometimes I truly think that God has a tremendous sense of humor. I did something recently for which I found myself asking a parishioner for forgiveness. This week’s epistle lesson, the text I had already begun to prepare, is all about forgiving one another.

My homiletical tightrope this week is this: go ahead and preach forgiveness, being extra careful to not make it sound as if I am further begging this particular member, OR switch horses mid-stream and go with Ahimaaz, Joab, Absalom, and a whole bunch of other people the congregation has never heard of?

So, what’s your preaching task this week?

11 thoughts on “Tuesday Lectionary Leanings

  1. VBS Sunday this week (we are on day 2 and I am already SO tired of I Cor. 13:1-13 – patience, kindness – I GET IT)However, no slacking off here in lectionary land because I am going to use this Ephesians text next week.I need ALL of your ideas.PS – Watched Friday night lights last night and the name of the team was Mojo. I chuckled through the whole durn thing because of that.


  2. I’ve got the V.B.S. blues, but I don’t have a clue, you know “blues clues, blues clues.” But blue never gets the blues especially the preaching after vbs blues.Been there done that.I would go with Ephesians. And just say that even you have to ask for forgiveness. But in God we are forgiven. You might just say to the person you asked for forgiveness from, now this is not about you and me, we are done, and I thank you for that. But this is the passage for this Sunday. Do this prior to preaching.Will smama did you get some mojo from them then.I too will be doing the Ephesians passage. And I don’t have a clue yet, oh blues clues where are you when I need you?


  3. Oy.I am thinking that it is a hard Sunday to preach from only one text. That is the task at my church. We Baptists vary from congregation to congregation, but this one does not read all the lectionary readings. I pick one…I may be able to compel my lector to read two, but I have to create a place in the service for it.


  4. What does it mean to be an imitator of God? THat is where I am going.I think the passage is about transformation as much as it is about forgiveness (arguably true forgiveness and repentance is all about transforming lives anyway). I have some early ideas but am still tempted to chuck it all and give a primer on United Church structure in light of our natiuonal body starting to meet this weekend.Only problem is I am planning a recap of what General Council did as the sermon when I return from vacation (seeing as I officially get back to work on a THursday–which leave precious little time for sermonizing). DOn’t want to be too repetitive to bookend my time away.


  5. I’ll be continuing my David series (why did I ever think this was a good idea?) with Absalom. I want to try to look at David as a human being–he gets idolized so often, I want to point out how he failed quite often.My problem is that last Sunday’s lection did that pretty well and so did my guest preacher…I don’t want to talk about how much David loved Absalom in spite of his rebellion and how that’s a reflection of God’s love for us…been there, done that, have 16 t-shirts.I’ll have to try for a different angle on David’s humanity–perhaps that he loved Absalom very much, but he (David) was the one anointed king, and he had not given up the throne, Absalom tried to take it from him, so he had to be defeated. I don’t know. Any other ideas?My mojo’s gone mosey-in…


  6. I’m going to camp this week, and not preaching on Sunday, but I’ll be thinking of all y’all!And Tripp. Seriously, work in a second lesson. It might help.


  7. For those of you VBSing, the senior pastor at our church does the story time for VBS then rolls all 5 stories into his sermon the following Sunday. The kids sing their VBS songs, so the sermon fits right in. Cuts down on the work. I don’t know when I’ll be preaching again, but I’ll be praying for those of you who are.


  8. Regarding Absalom, there is the angle that David was not a good parent. He was so busy with all of his wives and all of his children that he did not nuture his kids. Absalom’s failure to serve the Lord is David’s failure to be a guiding presence in his life. Part of David’s lament had to do with guilt. He knew that his neglect of spending time teaching and passing on his values to his son was a factor in his son’s death. People today are also too busy for their kids. They let the schools and others with different values than they hold raise the kids instead.There’s also the angle that Absalom did not honor his parents. He was a lousy son. The commandment says honor your father and mother that your days may be long. Absalom disobeyed God’s command and died young. If we obey God, our life goes better and we often live longer (as opposed to drinking, driving fast, overeating and all the modern day stuff)Absalom was vain and prideful and that led to his downfall. The clues are in the scripture and include the head of hair he was proud of that eventually led to his death. His pride is a contrast to David’s humility. Pride is still a killer. (for a minor example, think females in very uncomfortable shoes for fashion’s sake. a high heel caught causing a fall into traffic or the lady who fell onto the subway track a few years ago) I’m a ministry student (female) who doesn’t preach yet, but it’s fun to think about what could be said about various scriptures.


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