Lamb of God
Hear us when we pray
Wipe our tears

anoint us
with fragrant oil
calm our hearts

Lamb of God
Hear us when we pray
hold the pain

anoint us
love beyond measure
deep mercy

Lamb of God
broken open heart
love pours out

walk with us
journey to the cross
grace for all

darkest of days
holiest of weeks
God with us


5 thoughts on “Sunday Prayer

  1. Holy Weekwe are wholly – weakFilled so full with grace -healedhearts and lives filled with busya four letter life-word of manyand contrastedto the empty-nessof the tombwhich itself was so fullof the love of Godit could do nothing lessthan break open.give us heart-room to be so filledwith the love of Godthat it will spill overand our lives burst with joyEaster morning comesagain again againagain againjoy to the world….Jesus lives.bobbie mcgarey 2005 ah we are weak but thou art strong God go with you


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