Today let’s learn more about Nik, who is a frequent participant at the Preacher Party!

1. Where do you blog?

Over at A Pilgrim’s Process

The Church of Scotland are asking wannabe ministers to keep a journal to encourage us to engage with and in reflective practice… and I thought blogging might comprise a part, but not all, of this.

2. What are your favorite non-revgal blog pal blogs?
I love, love, love Beauty Tips for Ministers

Peacebang is awesome and hilarious and wonderful.
I also like Roddy’s blog at
He’s a liturgical creative genius and all-round good guy.

3. What gives you joy?

Jesus pretty much floats my boat… as does ginger beer, kite-flying on the beach in the sunshine, conversations filled with laughter and love, and the banner pic is the beach at the end of my street – I am blessed indeed to sit on it, listen to the waves, watch wonderful sunsets, be blown along it in the wintry gales, watch the lights twinkling on the other side!

4. What is your favorite sound?
Sitting on the beach at twilight, hearing birdsong and waves.

5. What do you hope to hear once you enter the pearly gates?

‘Welcome home!’

6. You have up to 15 words, what would you put on your tombstone?

And now on to the next great adventure…

7. What color do you prefer your pen?
I presume this is ink, not casing???  If ink – and if a proper fountain pen as opposed to a throw-away cheapie, I love brown ink.

8. What is something you want to achieve in this decade?

Over the next 4.5 years to have done my PhD, finished training for ministry, and found a church to be called to and to be ordained there.  Oh, and to have kept my sanity and sense of humour vaguely intact.

9. Why are you cool?
I live in Scotland, the frozen wastes of the North, in the UK… I am generally always cool and sometimes very cool… brrrr.

10. What is one of your favorite memories?
A glorious mid-summer in the Orkneys: was a most amazing sunset, casting the most incredible and beautiful light all about the place.  Was sitting in St Magnus Cathedral listening to the Scottish Chamber Orchestra playing ‘Fantasia’ on a theme from Thomas Tallis by Ralph Vaughn Williams… and the light was drenching the old, old stone a wonderful orange-pink.  I floated out of the concert feeling caught up in a waking dream and then drove with friends to the cliffs looking out to sea, gasping at the loveliness and wonder of it all.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, Nik!

Ring members, if you haven’t been featured before, I hope you’ll think about answering these ten questions and sending them in for a future “Meet and Greet.” If you are a reader/participant and haven’t joined the ring yet, follow this link to Ringsurf and click on “Add Your Site.” You may read the membership requirements in our sidebar.

9 thoughts on “Monday Meet and Greet

  1. lol, well you're all more than welcome to squeeze into the wee flat – if you don't mind sharing with a certain Mr J. Knox! Shall I light the fireplace? 🙂


  2. Mary Beth & Gord– count me in!!! Nik, how about leading a little RGBP tour up Scotland's East coast, with a jaunt to the Orkneys? Along with Skara Brae, what would your personal "must see" stops be on that route (I'm not too fussy, I just want us to have a chance to hear good trad music, soak up lots of history, drink a wee bit of single malt, and taste some properly smoked fish!)


  3. Liz, we could russle up a wee tour for 'em, dontchafink? Kinda wondering about a deep fried haggis supper with follow up of deep fried Mars Bar? *grins* I'm sure we could organise a very entertaining discussion on Rabbie and kirk discipline…!MaineCelt – don't just limit yourself to the east coast… west coast and the borders are pretty magic too 🙂


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