It’s no accident of language that on very hard days, those of us “devoted to good works” might say that we are just dead tired. That’s when we need someone to give us a hand and help us up, whether we are literally dead or not. When you read this, I will be a preaching conference, hopefully getting rejuvenated and refreshed by experiencing worship led by other people, and I’m looking forward to being given a hand. If that’s the direction your thinking is heading, then head on over to Acts 9:36-43 and this week’s story.

However, you might instead be pondering all things sheep and shepherd, in which case the Psalm (23) and the passage from John might be better. Personally, I love to preach on the 23rd Psalm since its such a familiar one to so many people. It’s fun to hold those familiar words up and see if the light shines through them in an unfamiliar way.
And, , if you are bravely continuing your series on Revelation, please let us know.
In fact, whatever your early-in-the-week thoughts are, let us know. We can all use a hand up this week as our own worship planning starts to take shape, dead tired or not.

8 thoughts on “Tuesday Lectionary Leanings – Get Up Edition

  1. ‘How long will you keep us in supsense?’ might be an interesting ‘hook’ on identity of Jesus? Jesus identifies who he is… how do others identify who Jesus is? Richard Dawkins? Us?Or, how are we shepherded… and how might we, in our sphere/s of influence shepherd – either falsely or well?Could go down a reassurance route about being his sheep – he doesn’t throw us out?Was also thinking of ἐκύκλωσαν – 'encircle' or 'surround'. They encircle him, but ‘they’ don’t belong… the irony that they aren’t actually ‘in’ the circle – Jesus has completely redrawn the circle of belonging?Some rambling thoughts on a morning where 'a' plane has actually been spotted over UK airspace 🙂


  2. At a preaching conference and just reminded by Will Willamon that preachers are oftn last to understand resurrection stories. But ask and you will hear many in your congregations who were " dead" and have been brougt back alive.


  3. The weekly letter on Anglicans Online plus the gospel commentary at Working Preacher plus a comment from a visitor who does mission work in Ecuador all have me thinking about how people see Jesus in the world–how do we "Christians" help make the work of Jesus/Body of Christ obvious in the world–encountering Jesus in preaching and the sacraments is not enough without that. Not sure where I'm going with all that, but those are my early thoughts. And where is everyone today? All gone cruising?


  4. Patronal festival for us this Sunday, so we're off lectionary. It is hard to come up with something new to say regarding the same lessons/saint year after year; I will probably revert this year to looking at what it means for us to be a community of faith.


  5. initial thoughts are to put Because in front of psalm 23 – because the Lord is my Shepherd…. I have all I need, I can take the rest I need, I am at peace to eat with those who are different etc. – well that is what I am doing at aged care service this afternoon. Sunday – don't know. Synod met just over a week ago, so I am thinking of trying to include something of that. theme was Moving with God, transforming communities – inclusive, courageous and generous. I like the idea of what does our life say about Jesus?But it is only Wednesday here, a few days to go.


  6. I'm one of those UK residents stuck in the USA because of the Volcanic Ash, so I'll just be happy to be home to preach on Sunday. We've tried to make the most of our extended stay – i even preached in Virginia last Sunday, but we just want to be home now. God willing, I think I'll preach on the Acts passage. I'm kind of drawn to the legacy of Tabitha – how folk showed off the beautiful garments she had made. I'd like to pose the question – What would folk celebrate about us? I just never thought I would be so desperate to be back in "my own" pulpit!


  7. Juniper, I'm at the airport right now, have been most of the day since restrictions have been lifted. So I've made a good start on the sermon.For children's time, I think I'll take along my prayer shawl and talk of how it was made with love and prayer and goes on contributing to ministry – like the beautiful things that Dorcas had made.


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