Just as you healed the lepers,
Heal us of our leprosy, heal us of our negativity, our judging others, our bad attitudes toward others.
Just as you healed the lepers, heal those that need healing today.
And Jesus, just as the one came back rejoicing and giving thanks to you, may we too come back giving thanks to you.
Lord, we pray for those who have experienced or are experiencing bullying in school and life just for being different.
And we pray for those who bully others.
Help us to be the ones who take a stand against bullying, who find ways to stop the behavior and who bring healing into their lives.
Jesus, we want to express our thanks and gratitude for the rescue workers being able to reach the trapped miners in Chile.
We pray for those who were affected by toxic sludge in Hungary.
Lord, there are many more in this world whose impoverished lives have been made worse by natural disasters; we pray for the necessary recourses be made available, the people who can bring help go forth to serve.
Lord may we be your agents of healing in this world today.

cross posted at rev abi’s long and winding road and a place to pray

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