Lord we come to you with our prayers
For friends, family, those in need near and far
We pray for those who are hurting,
that their pain may be relieved.
We pray for those whose relationships are broken,
That there may be forgiveness.
We pray for those who are sick,
That there may be healing.
We pray for those who are weak,
That they may be strengthened.

We pray for wisdom and guidance for the leaders of our country.
We pray for relief from debt, joblessness, and recession
We pray for our business leaders that are able to lead the
Way out of this recession and provide jobs.
We pray for those whose lives have been turned upside down,
With not only losing their jobs, but losing their homes,
their means of providing for their families, that they may find their way out of their pits.
We pray that their faith may be strengthened and that they find their hope in you.

We pray for the people of the world,
Who live in places where the economy is much worse,
may their lives be turned around for the better.
We pray for those who are experiencing famine like East Africa,
May their hunger and physical needs be resolved.
We pray for those who are living in conflict,
May peace be brought about.
We pray for Christians who are being persecuted
Around the world, that they may know your presence and strength of faith.

Lord we all have our spiritual struggles, our pits we have been in, and storms of life, and yet we recognize that you are evermore faithful to hear us and reach out to us to pull us up and out to higher ground. Lord, hear our cries for ourselves, for others near and far. Pour your courage into us, strengthen our faith, and be present to us.

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