God of Advent,
Pour your Holy Spirit on us as you did so long ago,
So that we may be bearers of your good news to those who are oppressed.
Anoint us with your spirit of hope so that we may heal the broken hearted.
Put your spirit of justice in our hearts so that we may declare liberty to the captives.
Bring forth your love so that we may pardon the prisoners.

God of Advent,
Make this be the day of the Lord when all who mourn are comforted.
Make this be the day when those who are grieving are strengthened.
Make this be the day when those who are in despair rise from their ashes.
Make this be the day where your glory is shown all around.

God of Advent,
Heal and restore our lands where there has been devastation.
Bring peace and reconciliation where there has been wars and fighting.
Reestablish those who have been jobless for too long.
Bring forth your salvation to all.

God of Advent,
May we be like Mary, Praising your name, singing your song from the depths of our souls.
May we spread your good news all around us for all to hear.
May we let people know how much we love you.
May we declare your good works in our lives forever.

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