Lord, you are the mighty one,
You created light; you send your light around the world.
You sent your son into the world of darkness as the one true light, the light that brings hope to all.
And yet we want to capture it like a firefly and keep it to ourselves so that only we have the good feelings and experience.
 At the same time there are those who would reject your light, try to find any way imaginable to cover the light.
But God you told us to be the light of the world and to let our light shine. And so today as we pray, we want to let our light shine for others whose light may have grown dim, or has almost  gone out or yes even are in the dark.
We want to shine the light of hope to those who are discouraged, dejected, desponded and disappointed.
We want to shine your light of love to those who are our enemies, are hated, are bullies, abused, bullied, disenfranchised.
We want to shine your light of grace to those who have given up, don’t believe
God loves them, and don’t feel wanted, lonely and needy.
We want to shine your light of faith, for those who are hungry to believe yet are not sure, those who have struggled a long time with chronic illnesses, frustration, anger and disbelief.
Lord, we carry your light into this world for all to see what a glorious and wonderful
God you are.
cross posted at a place for prayer and rev abi’s long and winding road

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