A blessed Maundy Thursday to all!

We are hosting some extra “prep” days here this week because there is so much extra preparation to do.

Let’s share ideas and questions and get help with last minute details.

Please do share what you are especially energized by at this point in the week.

How are you pacing yourself during this challenging week?

Your struggles and prayer requests are also welcome here.

You can find the daily readings for Holy Week here.

Become a member of our Facebook group and join the lively discussions there.

How is Holy Week going for you?

No, really.

Let’s talk about it!

77 thoughts on “Holy Week Prep Party: Maundy Thursday Edition

  1. So this is the problem with me finishing my sermon with time to spare – I will tweak it endlessly. Time to make myself stop for real now and do some other things that must be done. Like make coffee! (priorities!)I've posted a draft of my Maundy Thursday sermon here . My approach is a little bit different because the other two churches celebrating with us are used to a different kind of sermon (longer!). Also, Baptists tend to have a "memorial" view of the Eucharist (rather than a higher sense of sacramental understanding), so I try to work with that in a way that holds up memory as powerful.


  2. p.s. If you haven't read Wil's article here about whether the Last Supper was a Passover Seder, I highly recommend it! My sermon takes the approach that it was, but I know that's not a known fact. (I footnoted Wil's article and quoted this part in the footnote: Yet there is one aspect of Jesus' last meal that does not have a parallel in a regular or Sabbath meal, Jesus re-identification of the bread and wine with himself, his body and his blood. Jesus words would have also been stunning at a seder. They remain extraordinary.


  3. Hi, Juniper, and thanks for checking in today. What fun Easter Sunday plans! Pinwheels and sidewalk chalk alone . . . !Juggling chainsaws — yep. Trying to put a few down, but it's not easy, is it?


  4. I'm about to head out for a smoothie (that's what Jesus would do, right?), then realized I don't know what to say when washing a hand clean on its way to Communion.That's how we do it here – we wash a hand and then they move forward to receive Communion by intinction. Next year – prayer stations. Anyway… any thoughts on what I should say?


  5. Back from a nap and a little TV – I really needed the down time. I don't know how long it's been since I've been able to watch the evening news!We now have a new tradition in my household – Holy Leftover Dinner Week. Unless someone else wants to cook. Every night has been sandwiches and/or leftovers,cause cooking Mom has decided that she doesn't cook during Holy Week!Now to get ready for worship in an hour. I am so glad the congregation hosting tonight's worship is the one right by the parsonage!


  6. And for the Supper table, where they are remembering one of their own special meals, a local "paint your own pottery place" let us buy an unfinished plate and then loaded us up with all of the paints and brushes. We'll take it back to them after it is done and they'll finish it for us! Very excited.


  7. Phooey! That didn't work either. Oh Well. May you all walk with Jesus tomorrow and notice where he is being crucified and where his burden is being lifted and his brow wiped.


  8. lots of great ideas floating around again, even if it is a long week. Good Friday service is over, now some down time for me to reflect for myself, rather than the congregation, and a nap may come my way this afternoon. the reflection today was asking them to think about what they would say if asked to speak a eulogy at a funeral for Jesus, after some quiet space, I asked for responses from the congregation, and half a dozen good comments, some out of left field. so I am planning to write my own 'eulogy for Jesus' today.the question about resurrection is one that comes up from time to time. I will your links on that before I write a sermon for Sunday.


  9. I'm back from our joint Maundy Thursday service, and I think it went well. (A big thank you to RevDrKate for your nice words on my sermon draft blog!). I'm kind of exhausted and wondering how I'm going to make it through the next three days. I'm so grateful for the companionship of this group.Have any of you ever preached in a space where you felt like the space itself hampered your preaching? That is my and my husband's experience of the worship space I preached in tonight, and consistently. There is something about the sound there – a sort of dampening happens, and the sound system does not overcome it or really do anything to push back against it. Trying to speak louder doesn't help. Pauses, which normally work well in our own sanctuary, don't seem to work at all in this other space. So I find myself speaking a bit faster than usual.It's a strange experience. The first time I preached there, it was really disorienting and discouraging. Now I'm prepared for it, but I still don't know how to compensate for it. I feel it as a listener, too, when others are speaking there. Even on the front row, I felt disconnected from those who prayed and spoke. And as a preacher, I felt the congregation was physically far away, even though in actuality the front row in that space is closer to the pulpit than in our own space, and the pulpit in that church is closer to floor level.So interesting how space and sound work – and how they can work against a speaker. I feel like my sermon was better than it felt when I preached it, and I have no idea if it actually connected with anyone.At any rate, I'm going to work on my Easter sermon the tiniest bit more and then relax a little with some knitting and TV. I'll see all of you here again in the morning!


  10. I'm glad that part is over, too! It's a bummer, because I really put a lot into that sermon. Hoping I can hit the reset button in the morning!I am knitting these: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/sock-monkey-slippers – a pair of sock monkey slippers for my monkey-loving son! (for his Easter basket) And I'm putting the ears and faces on these: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/hopsalots – bunny slippers for my other son! What fun!Are you knitting anything lately?


  11. Hi, all~The service went very well tonight, and everyone came to have hands washed. I had been dubious; I am now a believer. And I found having my hands washed by one of the deacons quite moving.Tonight I'm putting together a playlist to be in the background while the sanctuary is open for prayer, reflection and meditation tomorrow. But bed needs to happen soon.


  12. Cute! I am knitting, too! Yay! My hands have been pretty good. I recently finished a scarf in some yummy Malabrigo (thank you, kathrynzj, for getting it for me on the BE trip!) using Yarn Harlot's one row scarf pattern. And I have socks on the needles, as well as a super-secret project for someone who reads this blog and is having her Ecclesiastical Council soon.


  13. I'm late to the after-party. The Maundy Thursday service was a meal and Communion in the Fellowship Hall, so some of us stayed to get the sanctuary ready for tomorrow night's worship service. After that, I enjoyed some fun conversation and lost track of time. Very satisfying, in so many ways.I love hearing about everyone's worship services and also the ways that you unwind after. My method du jour: a half glass of wine, a square of dark chocolate, and a hot bath before bed.Thanks for all the inspiration and fun today!


  14. Marci, I LOVE that! I wonder if our local paint your own pottery place would do something like that for us. hmm….I'm sensing a confirmation or sunday school or youth group project.


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