The official “pheeto” from BE 4.0.

“It’s the registration deadline for Big Event 6.0. Does that mean if I haven’t signed up it’s too late?”

We have a limit of 40 for this BE. As of Friday, we had a handful of spaces left. We’ll be checking the mail today and let you know exactly how many. The significance of the first payment deadline is to be sure we have enough participants to meet our expenses, and we have reached that number.

If you want to come but don’t have a registration form yet, email RevGalBlogPals and I’ll get a form and brochure off to you today.

“Can I give you my deposit online today?”

We’re not able to take a credit card or online payment at RevGalBlogPals (although you can use them for the payment to Pure Travel Ideas). If you want to register today, send an email and we will get you on the list. Then mail your check.

“Remind me what happens on the Big Event?”

The Big Event is a unique combination of learning, relaxation and “galship.” We’ve found that using a cruise ship for our venue allows for unplugging from the rest of the the world that encourages all three. Although we are not in the most posh cabins on the ship, it’s a welcome measure of service and modest luxury for the ordinarily hard-working clergy women and lay leaders who participate. Our schedule includes worship, continuing education, and plenty of personal time, as well as dinners with the group. The cruise ship will dock at Key West and Nassau, the Bahamas; participants will be free to go ashore (or not) without missing any part of the program.  Recreation opportunities range from miniature golf to karaoke to shows and each ship has a gym and spa (spa costs are additional).

“Can you tell me more about the program leader?”

Rachel Hackenberg is a United Church of Christ pastor, a soccer mom, an author and a pray-er. I’ve had the chance to attend a workshop in which she facilitated Psalm writing. I found her to be inspiring — even the most dubious-looking pastors in the room had something creative to share in the end. I know our participants will appreciate her presence and leadership just as we value her books and her blog, Faith and Water.

In the water at Cozuemal, BE 5.0.

“Why a cruise?”

When we got a group together to plan the first Big Event, the suggestion of a cruise took many of our planners by surprise. We quickly discovered that a cruise was surprisingly affordable and amazingly relaxing. Our wintertime date means lots of us are grateful for sun and surf. Meeting space comes at no additional charge, allowing us to keep overall costs down. RevGalBlogPals Big Event is not supported by grants; we have to meet our expenses each year. Whatever we have left over is rolled into the next year’s deposit.

Other questions? Send an email and I will respond today.

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