Loving god,
We praise you.
We thank you.
We humble ourselves before you.
We take time now not only to pray but also to listen Lord,
We pray for your compassion on those who are sick and dying.
We pray you show your love to those who are lonely or feeling unloved.
We pray you show your grace to those who are stressed at work,
 those who are jobless and searching for work and Those who are retired.
We ask you show us your hope who find themselves in the midst of despair and hopelessness.
We ask that you show your peace to those who live in turmoil and unrest.
Oh Lord your whole world is hurting
And your people are hurting.
We pray for wisdom for our leaders.
We pray for families affected by the recent mass shootings.
We pray for the families of the victims of child abuse.
We pray for the families affected by alcohol or drugs.
Strengthen, guide them give them grace.
Lord, call us into Christian action to be your hands and feet to your people in this hurting world.
Empower and equip us to make real your love and grace to those in need.
cross posted at a place for prayer and rev Abi’s long and winding road

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