Sharing the Lenten journey with others — not only the general liturgical season, but a specific path through Lent — is a powerful experience. I’m learning that lesson anew in my own congregation this Lent, as the whole congregation studies (and practices) Flunking Sainthood together. Around our RGBP community, many of us are sharing a Lenten path that is marked & measures by images:

A number of Gals & Pals in our network have embraced the Rethink Church photo-a-day challenge as a practice of paying attention through Lent. (I finally googled the trend after seeing it so frequently on Twitter and Facebook!) Visit River Song at Desert Spirit’s Fire, Emily at Table Salt, Deb at Unfinished Symphony, Marie of Love is Strong as Death, and Purple of Purpletologically Speaking (just to name a few) for some snapshots of this Lenten challenge.

What images — from your own blogging or from others’ blogs — are inspiring and encouraging your Lent? Share them here!


8 thoughts on “Wednesday Festival: Lenten Images

  1. I'm also doing the photo-a-day at my blog, and following the prayer-prompts as a way to close my day (not on my blog). In addition, I'm leading a midweek group in my new church and it's all about different spiritual practices to help us get rooted in God's love. It's kind of awesome. Last week was spiritual autobiography. This week we're praying in color. Next week: prayer stations and labyrinth. so fab.


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