Dear God, This is your little flock, Sometimes we are afraid Sometimes we are afraid, because we still feel like little children in this big world. Sometimes we are afraid because we listen to the media too much about just how bad and wrong things are in this world. We forget to listen to you and put our trust in you. We forget that we have put our heart with you and that our treasure is with you. Remind us, encourage us, and empower us. We want to be your little flock in this world that is generous and gives to the poor. We want to stay ready as we await your return. We wait faithfully for you Lord. In the meantime may we hold up in faith those who are in the midst of suffering, crisis, death and dying. May we bring hope to those who feel their circumstances are hopeless. May we show grace and mercy to those who are in need. May we love those who feel unloved. Let it be said of us that we are your church, your little flock, your beloved. Amen

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