O God,

We are asking:

Where will I find the money?
Where will I find a moment’s rest?
Where will I find a job, a spouse, a home?

We are asking:

How will we get our way amidst partisanship?
How will we secure prosperity despite violence and war?
How will we be heard over the celebrities and corporations and chaos?


God is asking:

What did I do wrong
that fleeting idols of wealth and contentment
are worshiped more than the Foundation of life and community?

God is asking:

Who are these who are
crying out in prayer and singing in praise
yet pursuing their own wisdom and pleasure day after day?

We confess:

That we miss those seasons
when we trusted you through all things
and were content to commit our lives to your work.

We pray:

For awe to replace pride,
for love of one another to root out fear,
for holy purpose to define & enliven our daily laboring.

We rejoice:

That you are our treasure,
our daily peace and provocation;
in your shadow, our souls are satisfied.

We offer:

Our lives to be a blessing
to your glory and to this world’s healing,
in the name of Jesus who calls us to work and renews us at the table.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Prayer: Labor Day (Pentecost 15C, Proper 17)

    1. Thank you for your honesty. Very much appreciate your commemts – both theologically and ‘humanly’. Blessings in your ministry. — Pastor Steve, College Station, TX


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