Notes appIt was a disappointing download. The new iOS 7 update took away the format I loved for the Notes app on my iPhone and iPad. I admit, these are tiny little First World problems. I will nevertheless miss the digital legal pad with the black brown font, in all its simplicity. 

In honor of the dear departed, please name five things in your life that need no improvement. 

If you play at your blog, please leave a link in the comments. No need to hand-code html anymore; simply paste the link! (Hey, that’s a good improvement!)

You may also leave your thoughts in the comments here. 

I’ll get around to read your blogs after I finish crowd-sourcing replacements on Facebook. 🙂

21 thoughts on “Friday Five: If it ain’t broke…

  1. 1) good ball point pens and paper (can’t go wrong until the paper mysteriously disappears)
    2) Fall in Upstate New York
    3) my kids (ok, lots of room for improvement, on both sides, but the process is a joy I wouldn’t miss for any organized, planned, perfected imagining)
    4) dirt (yes, the stuff under foot, too full of clay in the garden, too sandy in another garden, alive and feeding and just plain cool)
    5) the washing machine–and yes, four and five may be related


    1. I had a similar thought when I first read the prompt– “I can’t answer this question, because I don’t think there are five things that need no improvement…”

      ouch. Probably means I should go do the FF!


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