RevPal Mindy recently shared this quote:

Talking about our problems is our greatest addiction.

Break the habit. Talk about your joys.

~Rita Schiano

So, to focus on those joys, she posted recently about things that she enjoys or loves in life. Her list made me smile!

Sometimes as pastors, chaplains, professors or caregivers, our lives are so very full and our hearts ache with worries for others (or, if we are honest for ourselves!) So for this week’s Friday Five, let’s list things that are on your happy list! (We’ll assume that your family and friends and pets are included, so branch out a little, if you can!)

What are your joys? Places? Food? Activities? Books? Season? Hobbies? Smells? Colors? To inspire you, Mindy came up with THIRTEEN things that bring her joy or make her happy. So go for it! 

Post your list with pictures, if you can, and then tell us where you blogged in the comments. All you have to do is cut and paste your blog post URL and we can find you. 🙂

17 thoughts on “Friday Five: These are a few of my favorite things!

    1. Hot Cup, my mom used Estee Lauder cream from the day it came out until the day she died at 91 without a wrinkle on her face. Stick with it. And stick with that beautiful dog. He/she must be the perfect companion for destressing. Tried to comment on your blog but it kept sending me to google to sign in or sign up.


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