God of hope and vision,
you have called us to invest our lives
in new possibilities, in dreams that we cannot imagine
but that reside within the restlessness
of your Holy Spirit.

You have imagined
a night without fear, an eternal season
without drought without hunger without war without hate;
we have lamented and longed for these!
Show us the way.

Time and time again
you have taught us to love one another and
to work for the relief of oppression, isolation and poverty;
the lesson has been learned; now stir
within us courage to act.

We reach out in love
to our brothers and sisters in Pakistan
whose lives have been shattered by two severe earthquakes.
We lift up those whose health, work and daily bread
rely upon our government.

We pray for neighbors
who are grieving, who are missing home;
for friends who are sick; for strangers who are outcast.
We reach out in love to all people & creation
as you reach out to us.

Make us into your vision:
may we be generous and joyous in love;
may our richness be located only in your faithfulness;
may we live justly and graciously
for your name’s sake.

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