In prayer, we brave the presence of the Most Holy.
In prayer we dream, and our dreams are shaped
by the lives of saints who linger in our longing,
by the Winds of Heaven that stir our souls.

On this holy day of memory, O LORD our God,
awaken our dreams and inspire our vision
so that we might see with clear eyes
the hope and fullness of life in you.

We pray for clarity and courage to see that dream
in which the poor are blessed and the hungry full.
We pray for the humility to hear the dream
in which popularity fades and wealth turns to dust.

On this holy day of visions and dreams, O God,
we remember those who have passed from this life . . .
We seek healing and unfailing comfort for those persons
(known and unknown) who are struggling, in pain, in fear . . .

By your mercy and grace, grant us wisdom
for these days of dreaming, of remembering,
and of living into the coming of your future,
strengthened by your witnesses of the past.

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