Welcome to the Wednesday Festival!!  This week is a completely random set of posts… I hope some of the bloggers are new to you.

At Beautiful and Terrible, Robin has an interesting post on the different ways we use stories to make sense of our lives.  The books she lists that helped her growing up were The Secret Garden and Heidi.  I loved, loved, loved a book called My Sister Mike – it was about about a girl who loved sports and didn’t quite fit in.  What was your favorite young teen book about growing up?

Milton at Don’t Eat Alone has posted links to all of his favorite side dishes for Thanksgiving.  I have just remembered that I am cooking this year – EEK!  I will be visiting his list as I construct a menu.  What is that one thing you just HAVE to serve or it isn’t a Thanksgiving meal?

Earth Chick has been knitting and I am smitten with her idea – be sure to click through to pictures of last year’s project!!  The holidays are coming up quick – are you ready?!

Bonnie at Bonnie’s Books has pointed us in another artful direction.  Click through from her site to see the Instagram Experiment.  She explains it before sending us on to explore.

Dreaming Beneath the Spires’ author, Anita, highlights Ray Bradbury’s ideas on how creativity is like a cat.  It is a fun comparison when thinking about writing – who or what is pursuing whom?

Tripp is navel gazing and pondering Morning Prayer as daily advent over at anglobaptist.org.  As the season of Advent approaches, do you feel more or less inclined to follow a daily discipline?

This month is flying by already as we all look begin to glance to the East – Thanksgiving will be on a Thursday with Advent 1 as the very next weekend. We still have a few weeks, right? right?!

As always, feel free to link to your blog in the comments.  Happy Wednesday!

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