Breathtaking God, Ever-Gracious God,
you who call new worlds into being,
you who make peace between the wolf and the lamb:
You are wonderful … and you leave us wondering.

O LORD, hear our prayer.

We experience you in contradictions.
You are the wild hope of our dreams,
and you are the restless agony of our souls.
You accept the praises of floods and storms,
yet you hover in love over places of devastation.
You command us to love our neighbors
but warn us to hate the world.

For the complexity that is yours,
for the contradictions with which we wrestle:
O LORD, hear our prayer.

For the complexities that are ours,
for the difficulties in life that we blame on you:
O LORD, hear our prayer.

We look to you for guidance through all that is perplexing,
and as we breathe together in this moment of prayer,
we pray for the patience and the wisdom
to wait (to wonder) without answers.
O LORD, hear our prayer.

We are amazed by what you accomplish
with us and within us. Most of all,
we are amazed that you do not leave us.
We are humbled and grateful for your unfailing grace.

With the prophet Isaiah and with our teacher Jesus,
with the whole host of witnesses across scripture,
we claim in prayer and thanksgiving:
the mystery is yours
and all that is in it.
Therefore, we trust you
in all that we do not know or understand,
and we join you in the working out
of healing, of justice, of peace
beyond imagination.

O LORD, this is our prayer. Amen.

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