Each Monday morning I depend on the posts of friends and colleagues… those I know and those who are known virtually, to give me inspiration and leading into our prayers to start the week.
I read posts and comments and listen to God’s sweet whisper in my ear
I look at overnight news stories and beg for God’s penetrating eye to sharpen my focus
I watch the world outside my window turn from dark to light, watch as the early birds come see what’s on the table today and the local cats do the same….
and I revel in God’s mysterious and wondrous creation.
As I read, and pray, and reflect, and listen, and look, it comes to me… as though I discovered it for the first time today
God is everywhere!
In the comments we post to encourage and support
In the requests we make for love and advice and prayers on prayers on prayers
In the ascending voices of hundreds of women and men as we lift our voices together in every corner of the world
Lord, hear our prayers
Lord, hear our prayers
Lord, hear our prayers
Today, tomorrow and always
This morning, this afternoon and tonight
In our joy and our frustration and our hope and our despair and in our connections, though they be mostly via this amazing tool at my fingertips, use us, touch us and empower us for whatever this new week brings
Mothering, sustaining, empowering, God of ours

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