adventwreath-300x249We’ve all heard of Advent Conspiracy, but if you’re not prepared yet, you may be having an Advent Emergency! Never fear! RevGalBlogPals is here with resources to share, and we invite the more prepared among us to share in the comments. Just tell us what you’ve got, then paste a link to the material. Thanks!

First, I’ve got original Advent wreath liturgies for Revised Common Lectionary Year A and Narrative Lectionary Year 4. And here’s a two-reader piece that weaves the Luke text for Christmas Eve with the story of a homeless couple, Rumors of Joy. Last for now, a Christmas Eve story for the children, Go! Tell It!

Rev. Mindi has a great collection of Advent and Christmas Resources indexed in this post.

Christina Auch recommends, which is no longer accepting new contributions but has a great archive. Just put “Advent” in the search box.

RevDeb shares a devotional series based on the Chronicles of Narnia.

RevGord also offers up a collection of original resources, from liturgy to pageants.

Rachel Hackenberg’s Monday Muse has touched on Advent for the past couple of weeks, including story recommendations and ideas for Carols to intersperse in Advent.

If you have Communion coming up in Advent, you’ll want to look at Liz’s post on Advent themes.

And Joanna Harader got her Emergency post up before this one! Here it is at Spacious Faith, with candle-lighting liturgies, reflections and material for Christmas Eve.

We’ll do this again for more Christmas Eve/Day material, but for now please add your great Advent material in the comments. As we always say at the Preacher Party, together, we can do this!

15 thoughts on “The Advent Emergency!

  1. I have a bunch of stuff–some liturgical resources, some reflections, and a few more theological ‘thought pieces’ about Advent, Blue Christmas, and anti-consumerist preaching. Much of it on my blog (which has been woefully neglected by me of late–www. But I’ll repost some things here for the sake of easy access. Bear with me. I tend to over-do in my enthusiasm.

    /Users/janicemaryluti/Desktop/Advent Resources and Thought Pieces


  2. One day last week, I posted a document on the FB group with an Advent three part study on Bethlehem. I’ve just looked through the page and can’t see it (my! Aren’t we productive?!)
    Trying to work out if I can post a document here?
    Don’t want to blog it, as I don’t want my parishioners to know what’s coming before it does!
    So if Martha can advise about documents that would be great…. I could of course just blog it here….


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