Yes, I actually looked at the official calendar to see if we are of Advent or in Advent – I can never remember why or how that goes for each season.

There have been some Busy Bloggers in the ring this week.  There are a lot of new posts to cover!  There are some recurring themes.

One theme that naturally occurs this time of year is the study of contrasts, light and dark, joy and sorrow, hope in the darkness:

A second commonality emerged from those among us who are talented enough to write poetry and prayers:

The third theme surely revolves around the fact that this is budgeting season and there are hard decisions needing to be made about best use of time, talent and treasure:

In this season of hopeful expectation, we face reality.  As we hope for the brightest light, we may face dark and heavy situations.  Blessings on you all as you move through these long dark days ministering to those in your charge.

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