Halfway through the Christmas pageant, four angels mounted the high chancel steps, the pulpit removed to make way for the manger. Three stepped to the microphone to tell the story of their assignment to bring good news not to a palace or a city but to the plainest folk around, a group of shepherds on a hillside.

Angel_275_275 The littlest angel wandered to the manger and looked inside.

She looked out at the congregation, saw someone she knew and waved.

When the other angels finished their speech, they left by the stairs, but Littlest Angel saw a clearer path and jumped.

She flew!

When the congregation chuckled warmly, she realized perhaps she ought not have done it and clapped a hand over her mouth.

Suddenly all their hands were clapping, expressing in the only way they could the Good News that Love comes into the world at Christmas, more powerful than our attempts to be good, or our successes at being bad, or our conviction of our uselessness, or our belief in our dignity.

Love defies gravity of all kinds.

To all the RevGals and BlogPals, to the commenters and the lurkers and the occasional passersby, wherever you may be this Christmas Day, we give thanks for your service on behalf of Jesus Christ and offer a blessing: may you be lifted by the Love of God and fly in ways you never expected.

Merry Christmas!

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