New Year’s Resolutions are all over the blogs today – here’s a highlight reel to get you started, but also go check in on your favorite RevGals and see what they’re writing about today. Feel free to give yourself a shout-out – or link – in the comments.

  • Deborah at Snow Day writes beautifully about Losing Resolve.
  •  M. Malick at Malick’s Musings is musing over the freedom found in not having it all.
  • Lorraine is looking forward to the path ahead through poetry
  • Derek at the Life-Charged Life is mulling over choosing the right path.
  • Rosa at Cenizas, Estelas, y Senderos is writing about her reality of change and redemption.
  • Bonnie at Bonnie’s Books writes about her goal of Practicing Compassion based on the teachings of Karen Armstrong.
  • Roberta at Spiritually Directed writes about the Resolutions: who makes them, who might keep them; and offers a motivational quotes to get you motivated.

Blessings on your 2014!

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