Donation jarYes, this is, indeed, what you are likely expecting: a shameless plug asking for your financial support for RevGalBlogPals.  Please consider what you can give and click on the purple jar.  Thank you!

I am so pleased to be making this request because I see how much this community means to many RevGals and Pals.  There are over 1000 of you in the RevGalBlogPals Facebook group, and hundreds of RevGal bloggers.

The RevGalBlogPals has been a support to my ministry and a joy in my life in the five years I have been around here.   This community, the events and the members are all intentionally and unconditionally supportive of women clergy and all women who serve the church.  To be able to count on that is a priceless gift.

So, please consider what you would you give for:

  • Lectionary ideas and discussions on the Narrative Lectionary (Mondays, here) and Revised Common Lectionary (Tuesdays, here)
  • Some holy humor stories and jokes for some comic relief on Wits-Ends-Days (Wednesdays, here)
  • A panel of experienced RevGal Matriarchs (Thursdays, here), each with more than 10 years of professional church experience, ready to field the most challenging questions and ministry dilemmas
  • Your very own weekly 11th Hour Preacher Party (Saturdays, here) where you can ask for and receive sermon illustrations, children’s time ideas, and feedback on your sermon ideas or the sermon itself
  • Prayers written for you throughout the week
  • Fishing in Galilee LogoContinuing Education opportunities (in person, various locations) for women, by women, balanced with recreation and renewal and making new friends.  The Big Event is a yearly winter Continuing Education cruise that is set to sail in a week.  RevGals REVive will be the Summer 2014 event to equip and renew you.
  • A fun and wise and joy-filled community to share accomplishments and celebrations and challenges and sorrows (wherever we gather, especially the Facebook group)

All of this is yours!  How much will you give to say “thank you”?

RevGalBlogPals is incredibly blessed to be led by newly-appointed Director Martha Spong. Martha has been organizing this group and building the community for some time.  Up to this point she has been working without a salary. This start-up fundraiser will allow us to pay Martha a stipend and cover our modest operating expenses while we build our base of financial support.

The RevGalBlogPals Fundly Campaign ends this Wednesday, January 15.  Please donate now by clicking here.

Thank you!




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