I was going to title this prayer: Sighs to Deep.

I have things going on right now that can’t be discussed publicly. My only repeated prayer is, “Lord, have mercy.”


Instead, I mistyped and wrote: Signs Too Deep.

Maybe that is the answer to the prayer “Lord, have mercy”. It is not what we expect. It may not be what we can see or comprehend or will ever realize.

Yet, they are God’s prayer for us. God’s way of being. God’s answer to our questions.

We lift up our sighs.

God provides signs. Signs too deep, too holy, too healing, to gracious for words.



3 thoughts on “Friday Prayer: Signs Too Deep

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for doing this today! I completely forgot as I was out of town all day, not looking at the internet at all. Just got home a little bit before 5 pm. Do you want me to bring the FF next week? So sorry.


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