Big Event 7 is now in the books.  From my perspective, it was a wonderful time of just BE-ing in the company of 39 amazingly smart and talented women.  This was my 5th BE to attend.  Suzanne Stabile was our Presenter for Enneagram work for which we got twenty contact hours (2 CEU’s, continuing education units).  Suzanne and the Life in the Trinity Ministry  are only about 40 minutes from where I live so I have been there many times.  If you were unable to attend BE 7, but would like more information about the Enneagram, you could attend a workshop in Dallas (or download her Know Your Number course).  My guest room is often empty!

The cruise itself was great fun with more chances for Galship than ever before.  We learned several fun group games: Farkle, Spot It and Paper Telephone were quite fun and dissolved into giggles often.  The Enneagram work is tough – the games were a nice way to off-set the inner work we were all doing.

A few of the RevGals who went have written about BE 7:

  • Nikki is one of our Scottish (via Australia) RevGals.  It was so fun to FINALLY meet her in person.  She is as wonderful as you have always suspected, and one of our Rev. Dr. Gals!
  • Liz is another Scottish RevGal who is very special to me and to many of us – this was not her first trip over the pond to join us for a BE.  We learned much more about her wicked sense of humor this trip – it almost equals her beautiful spirit.
  • Mary Beth and I have been roommates for every BE I have attended.  I love the camaraderie and Galship we share each year.  This year we worked hard on “the eyebrow problem” – tough stuff.  Mine are looking better though, after we tried some different techniques.
  • Gord was not on the BE trip, but he has written about Who’s Got Time, authored by two of our RevGals, Teri Peterson and Amy Fetterman.  Teri was on this BE and Amy has been a BE Gal before also.  I’m thinking of using Gord’s suggestion and using this book for a class on Lenten spiritual disciplines.

Please feel free to link to your blog in the comments – we would love to continue the fun, frivolity, learning and Galship!  Watch this space and the FB Page for other chances to gather and learn together.  The educational work is always fantastic, but the Galship is truly priceless.

8 thoughts on “Wednesday Festival post-Big Event 7

  1. Admittedly, I’m new to this site, but it would help if you would explain just when and where this event was. Apparently it is an annual happening and would be worth the rest of us knowing about, since it sounded so wonderful.


    1. Hi, Linda~
      I hope you’ll get a chance to peruse the upcoming events. ReGroup will be on the West Coast in a couple of locations this fall (Portland, OR and Boise, ID), dates coming soon.
      Martha Spong for RevGalBlogPals


  2. Sorry – It is the first Continuing Education program offered annually by RevGals. We have a different speaker/topic each year and it is called the Big Event. BE 1, 3-7 have been held on cruise ships to different destinations. All of the ships have conference facilities that we utilize for the classes. In the evenings, we eat dinner together in the dining rooms and sometimes hang, out, play games, go dancing, etc. I have sat in a hot tub having a great conversation about Stewardship Campaigns (and felt sorry for the 20-ish guy who was there). Since wi-fi is so expensive on the ship, everyone stays “present” and is not tempted to be in touch with their churches.

    I hope that’s helpful!


  3. Linda, thanks for asking this!!! We have so many new members and I’m glad for a reminder that lots of folks don’t know about our Big Events. I’ll provide links below to the main post advertising each event, so you can get an idea of the types of speakers we have had.

    Big Event 1, “The Myth of Superwoman as an Enemy to Self-Care” with Mary Marcotte

    Big Event 2, “Daughters of Miriam,” with Wil Gafney, author of Women Prophets: Daughers of Miriam

    Big Event 3, with Nanette Sawyer, author of Hospitality, the Sacred Art

    Big Event 4, “Reframing Hope” with Carol Howard Merritt, author of Tribal Church

    Big Event 5,with Jenee Woodard of The Text This Week

    Big Event 6, with Rachel Hackenberg, author of Writing to God and Writing to God: Kids’ Edition

    Big Event 7, Enneagram with Suzanne Stabile

    If you go to the search box on the RevGals blog and type in Big Event, you will be able to scroll through all the posts (including some post-event reflections, as we have in this post).

    Hope you will be able to join us next time, or for one of our other. land-based events:


  4. *grins*
    aww thanks Amy – it was so fab to finally meet you and some of the other lovely and wondrous RevGals in person! Sending a hug from Caledonia 😀 x


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