Questions, music, and snow this week:

In achurchforstarvingartists, Jan asks, “What if we had more seminary professors who’ve been pastors?”  It’s a great question. As I think back, I realize that two-thirds of my seminary professors had, in fact, been pastors. Interestingly, though, three of my four professors in Scripture had not.  Wonderful scholars, all of them, but I can’t say that they embraced the task of teaching us to help others translate the narrative of Scripture into their own.  I learned to do that elsewhere, but it’s something that would have tremendously improved our seminary education.

Liberalrev suggests in “Questions For You and Your Congregation” that a globe might be an excellent substitute for a flag in church.  Having recently departed a church in which flag and country were front and center in ways I could not discern how to address in a pastoral manner (despite an entire course on Hauerwas!), I find myself wishing I’d thought to bring a globe into the sanctuary.  And to leave it there!

Melinda writes about grace in Free Fall, No Cape.  And she begins with a favorite Wendell Berry quote.  And she notes the connection between grace and community  as an answer to the question, “Why church?”

And finally, Sister Sarah in her Excellent Adventure combines Benedictines, music, and Lent.  Perhaps you might find her post a place for respite as you prepare for the intensity of the Lenten season.

Oops, no . . .  this one is finally!  Rosa of Cenizas, Estelas y Senderos is visiting New York!  Snow angel!  Rosa is a Florida girl these days, so she finds a bit more joy in the snow than some of us do . . .   .

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