The Air Quality Index in Beijing has been in the Hazardous range for seven consecutive days, but finally tonight the rain has come and the air quality is improving and it feels like pure grace to be able to breathe easy again!  So why not settle in for a few moments with these voices from around the RevGals ring, take a breath and enjoy the ways in which we can witness grace at work in our own lives and in the lives of our communities.

Of course, the air quality in Beijing is not the only hazardous thing that RevGals have been thinking about this week.  Legislation passed in Uganda focuses our attention on the suffering of our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters.  Marie writes about this and about legislation in the US which allows discrimination with religious justification, “Silent No More“.

Marci and MaryAnn are writing about staying in relationship with people who occupy different places on the theological spectrum (while also giving faithful Gospel witness).  Marci’s piece is ‘Can We Meet in the Middle?” and MaryAnn writes “A Sharp Intake of Breath”.

While you’re over at MaryAnn’s place, be sure to check out her sermon on Sabbath which speaks words of challenge and healing to the anxiety that drives stress and overwork.

Heather writes about the long winter and the seeds of hope in seeds fed to birds – there are lots of beautiful bird pictures.

Michelle invites us to consider whether grace sometimes is not the smoothly flowing oil we hope for but arrives “slightly out of breath and a bit rumpled”.  “Rumpled grace” is a lovely read!

Heidi at Vicar of Belingbrook wonders about the grace and the work of being awake in the middle of the night!

And finally for this week’s Festival two meditations for this liturgical season.  At Painted Prayerbook Jan brings us a beautiful image and words of blessing for Transfiguration Sunday.  Kristin has posted a visual meditation for Ash Wednesday.

If you’ve written something you’d like to draw the community’s attention to, please do add your own links in the comments.

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