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Recovering from a wee surgical procedure this week, and in the wake of the Oscars last weekend, I’ve been mindful of movies in all their assorted incarnations.  For today’s ff, I hope you’ll share with us some of the movies that tickle your fancy!

1) Is there a film that so captured your imagination that you couldn’t stop thinking about it? In what way(s) did it affect you?

2) What religious/spiritual film has touched you? This could be something overtly thematic, like The Last Temptation of Christ, or something more subtle, like Enchanted April.

3) When the going gets tough, is there a film you turn to for distraction and/or to help shift your mood?

4) What is your all-time favorite movie?

5) If you were to choose a film for viewing and discussion with your congregation, what would you choose?

Bonus: If your life were to be made into a feature film, who would you want to play you?

Don’t forget to share the link to your blog in the comments if you play, and remember to visit other blogs to share in the fun.

19 thoughts on “Friday Five: at the movies

  1. 1 The film Baraka(and now Samsara) is the one that captured me. It’s a film I used to show Confirmands. I think I watched it in theaters about 5 times, owned a VHS and now a DVD. The only time the world slows down is spiritual

    2. Religious film has to be Last Temptation of Christ. I was doing a rural internship far from a movie theater, so I read the book first. Another one I had in VHS, but haven’t gotten a DVD yet. The used VHS I owned had three definate “stops”, where people “rewound” it. I just love the struggles Scorsese depicted with his own faith. Interesting aside that the book got Katenzakes (sp) excommunicated from the Greek Orthodox church for questioning HIS faith…..

    3.The film for distraction’s sake is Casablanca, or GWTW or the recent BABIES

    4. All time fav is Casablanca or Bridges of Madison County

    5. Would show “Roxanne” or “Grand Canyon” (and have) as ethics jumping off place, and of course Baraka (see above)

    Bonus: I would love to see Camryn Manheim play me in a film.


    1. Andrea, I’m so glad you shared about Baraka–I’ve not even heard of it! (Although I don’t live in a cave, sometimes it would appear so from my lack of familiarity with some cultural break-outs). Love Camryn Manheim. She has such depth, and it would be fun to watch her tap that depth to portray you!


  2. Showed The Bucket List to our Soup ‘n Study Lunch Bunch a few weeks ago and they liked it so much that we watched it again last week! Average age in the group: 80


    1. I would think that would provide lots of good conversation. It would be interesting to note differing perspectives from a diverse age group!


  3. 1. “Saving Mr. Banks” – the story of Disney “courting” P.L. Travers to film “Mary Poppins”. It reminded me that so much of our lives are grounded in the people and events of childhood. Favorite scene: when P.L. Travers – who’s been prickly at best – dances with complete joy with the songwriters to “Let’s Go Fly a Kite” – I hummed, smiled and cried along with them. Magical!!

    2. A wonderful film called “Babette’s Feast”. Great depiction of communion and community.

    3. “The Sting” Newman, Redford and a whole lot of Scott Joplin ragtime. What more could a girl want!

    4. To Kill a Mockingbird – it reminds me that good people like Atticus Finch and Boo Radley are still out there in the world.

    5. If it weren’t for the R rating – I’d choose Denzel Washington’s “Flight” – a wonderful story of forgiveness, redemption and re-birth.

    Bonus: I’d love for Emma Thompson to play me – just cause she’s cool and British!


    1. Really interesting selection…. I haven’t heard of any of them!! Which doesn’t mean much as I, like you, have trouble just sitting and watching


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