The one thing we can be sure of is change. It comes whether we like it or not. Change comes regardless of how we feel, what we believe about it or anything else. We can choose to hide from it, deny it, embrace, or even delight in it.

miltybc reminds us that in Greek faith is a verb unlike the noun of faith in English. Something essential was lost in the translation but many live out that essential nature of faith despite its English “nounhood.” Go check out miltybc’s post and see how the Spirit moves and dances in his life. It’s quite lovely.

One thing that doesn’t seem to change is a church for starving artists consistently has thought provoking posts. Today’s topic is “Spiritual Climate Change.” a church for starving artists embraces miltybc’s faith as verb in the midst of this “spiritual climate change;”

I could go on and on, but you get my drift. Bring on the storms. Let the winds of the Spirit blow down the doors. Welcome turbulence. Embrace the fog.

This is a good thing. Scary, perhaps, but very good. I love serving the church in this mess.

a country girl shares a history lesson on the Scottish tradition of Mothering Sunday. I think it does us well in the midst of all the change to remember our origins, looking back is different from denying or protesting the change, our looking back can get us changing in the right direction.

Eyes on Christ shares her thoughts on living into the changes of life and how it can look and mean.

liberalrev offers some humor and deep thoughts about our bodies. It is sure to make you smile as well as change your perception of some elder women.

Questing Parson demonstrates how to incorporate the unexpected into our life and it’s quite beautiful.

Appalachian Preacher reminds us how different families can look and how many of our churches need to change to embrace these differences to make everyone welcome.

Lastly, Lauren offers a beautiful post on the death of Fred Phelps.

Changes are coming whether we like them or not. Sometimes looking back helps us to reorient how we view the change and gives us the courage we need to embrace it. Thank goodness, we do not face it alone.

If you have written or read something that is wonderful, beautiful, or simply needs to be shared, please leave a link in the comments.

May you have a blessed Wednesday whatever your day brings you!

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