Our own kathrynzj is Geek of the Week! (Did the library staff remember it's Holy Week, or was this a Godincidence?)
Our own kathrynzj is Geek of the Week! (Did the library staff remember it’s Holy Week, or was this a Godincidence?)

What a week! So much to consider, so much longing for the finish line, so much hope for the sunrise!

The RevGals are still writing up a storm as we wait and work:

Many posters to the RevGals Facebook page have commented on the challenges of sitting with the dying, addressing sudden deaths, and conducting funerals during this already-packed week. It would be the understatement of the century to note that as Jesus dies and rises, the deaths to which we attend this week seem particularly weighted with significance. How perfect, then, that Diane of Faith in Community ponders what she learns from funerals.

Beth’s House of Grace focuses this week on the abundance of giving which rises with such grace from a Holy Week filled with events which might seem like burdens, did we not know that through each of them we are called to care for one another.

Holy Week and Easter services may bring people our way who’ve not experienced a church worship service in a long time, or perhaps ever. Some of them may be surprised to find us in leadership! How will they respond? Just this past week, my son told me that people are looking for the Walter Cronkite of preachers – sorry, Mom. At Did She Say Seminary?, Erin focuses upon a seminary community’s approach to women preachers.

And what are we preaching? In her Tuesday Thoughts, Sharon reflects upon some of those huge theological questions which plague us all at this time of year. At least, I hope they plague us all, since we are preaching a strange story and stranger proclamation of hope to those who believe, those who seek, and those who are indifferent.

Some of those questions drive us right into the particular, force us into a corner, demand that we consider, and consider again, the people who populate Jesus’s life this week. When I read Appalachian Preacher Amanda, I often sit back and say, “Wow.” Her exegesis of Judas for this week is no exception.

And finally, Jane’s Journey with her dog reminds us that we have to pass through the fearful quagmire of Good Friday to reach Easter.
It’s Holy Week, a week of challenges in ministry, challenges in preaching, challenges in the text, and challenges in nature. May we sink deeply into all of it so that we are prepared to proclaim a New Creation!

4 thoughts on “Holy Week Wednesday Festival

  1. I am having a thoughtful wonderful Holy Week. Each evening I have prepared a short reflective service. Monday we were in Bethany with the scent of nard hanging in the air (and it still is!), last night we were thinking about Peter and pondering how each time we deny Jesus it is as if we throw a stone at him and pebbles were chosen and kept as a reminder of those times. Tonight we hammered nails into a hunk of wood as we thought about Pilate and the choices he had and made, each nailed hammered a reminder of our own bad choices. Tomorrow we will share a simple meal in our own ‘Upper Room’ before share in a very informal communion. It occurred to me thing evening that this week has been a very sensory one…scent, touch, sound (the nails going in were very moving) and tomorrow we taste. Friday we will be at the Crucifixion and will be eyewitnesses. This was not planned but I guess the Holy Spirit was working away like she doe.

    I know it’s a lot of extra work ( and I haven’t mentioned the school assemblies!) but like last year, the first time we had something every evening, it has felt like a spiritual pilgrimage. Setting up, setting the scene, tidy away, all part of the process.

    My back is aching but my soul is filled. TBTG.


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