In the joy and hope of this Easter morning, 

We sing Alleluia with the fullness of hearts.

Christ is Risen!

Love is stronger than Death!



In the joy and hope of this Easter morning, 

In the midst of our singing and shouting, 

We know there are those who are bewildered,

and sad. 

We pray for those that have no hope, 

For those who suffer from depression, lonliness, and fear. 


We pray for those places and peoples in our world where death and domination rule, 

Where imperial powers ignore the poor,

Where war never ends, 

Where children are hungry, 

Where parents grieve because they cannot provide, 

Where accidents happen and death abounds senselessley. 

We pray for those held hostage to addiction and chronic illness that debilitates. 


In the joy and hope of this Easter morning, 

We realize the depth and breadth of what it means to be your Easter people. 

For we are the ones who are called to go into  the places in our lives and world

to work for justice and life for all in your Creation. 

It is up to us to bear witness to the promise of resurrection, 

to hold those in despair,

and believe for them, 

that Love is stronger than death. 


In the joy and hope of this Easter morning, O God, 

May we have the courage to bear your living Love

in every corner of our lives, 

so that your peaceable realm will be so, 

here on earth, as it is in heaven. 


In the name of the Risen Christ, we pray, 

Alleluia! Amen. 


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