Easter Wednesday


Abba, I do not understand.

Yesterday I lay on the Earth and looked up into trees

and asked you,

How can it be? How can the pain be so mammoth and the joy so immense?

How can we carry on, balancing the two? and all the myriad between the two?

I strive to move from dualistic thinking, to hold in tension all the things

(not good/bad but yes/and)

But I was taught, early and well, to see the black and white.

A day of joy in my own life; a day of unspeakable sorrow for so many others.

And shades in between.

Black and white won’t do. A rainbow, perhaps.

A prism that shows the ways our lives and days split among so many, many experiences.

I ask for the grace to hold the tension

To carry the prism

To remember the varieties of experience, each day, and to give thanks.

My son Brandon and his new daughter, born yesterday. A joy day for us.

My son Brandon and his new daughter, born yesterday. A joy day for us.

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3 thoughts on “Easter Wednesday

  1. Reblogged this on The Accidental Minister and commented:
    This is a stunning prayer, so true in so much of our lives. Sharing this along with heartfelt blessings to Mary Beth and her family.


  2. So beautiful, so needful, and so fitting, as I squint into the incandescent mist that has rolled into our orchard this morning. Yes, there are so many shadows, and so much light, that refraction reminds us at once of all our pain and all God’s promises!


  3. Betsy

    Beautiful…both prayer and photo.


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