IMG_20140420_142727 - Version 2The RevGalBlogPals’ blogroll is full of Easter, so today’s Wednesday Festival shares 50 Easter reflections & celebrations as a reminder — an invitation — to truly make these 50 days of Eastertide a joyous festival of resurrection, life and renewal. (Okay, I cheated slightly and pulled some reflections from Lent.)

Bookmark this post; come back throughout Eastertide; follow a new link each day to nurture your spirit. Hold fast to the good news that long after the Easter eggs and Easter chocolates are gone, Easter resurrection remains!

1. Piecing together our Easter joy, one day at a time, at 50 Days of Fabulous

2. After the ham dinner, how are you sharing your witness? at the preacher & the party store

3. Mingling heaven and earth with each breath, at Quantum Theology

4. Coming to peace in our reviews of Easter worship, a conversation with Jesus at Coffeehouse Contemplative

5. The wild disruption that is Easter, by in the hereandnow

6. Risking failure to brave something new, at achurchfostarvingartists

7. God loves us, no matter who we are, no matter what we’ve done, an affirmation from Write Out of Left Field

8. Lessons of a bird’s nest, at The Road Less Traveled

9. Empty pews and the beginning of the resurrection story, by katyandtheword

10. The longing of Easter, a poem at House of Grace

11. What difference does Easter make? at faith in community

12. Praising bees that gift us with sweet tastes of life, at Sicut Locutus Est

13. Transformation on a small scale, from Liberation Theology Lutheran

14. Seeing … recognizing … knowing, at Showing Up to the Moment

15. Holding onto the promise in Isaiah 25, at desert spirit’s fire

16. Cleaning out, emptying the tomb, by Cenizas, Estelas y Senderos

17. Ministry and call cannot be defined by “happy,” at Tribal Church

18. Our lives entrusted to God’s hands, at Faith & Water

19. Remembering to sing, My Redeemer Lives, with Faith Hope & Cherrytea

20. An Easter message: “Don’t Hold On,” by Good in Parts

21. Turning toward Jesus, at Beautiful & Terrible

22. Praying again, continually, with the joy & hope of Easter morning, at RGBP

23. Giving thanks for cute & fluffy chicks, at everydayholy

24. Recognizing Christ’s body and Christ’s mind, at Martha’s Kitchen

25. Letting God be God while we rest, at Acorns from the Grove

26. When we limit ourselves to “$3 worth of God,” at Faith, Grace & Hope

27. Lest we forget Lent/winter in our celebration of Easter/spring, lessons from a long winter by dayenuenough

28. Holding great fear and great joy together, at Glass Overflowing

20. The dance of clinging and letting go (at every age), by Called

30. For all of the words we use, these three are important: “I love you,” by (im)possible things with God

31. Love or lose, at Claimed, Gathered & Sent

32. Recognizing beauty in the scars, at LLM Calling

33. Greeting mystery each and every day, at Clever Title Here

34. How are we walking in the garden where resurrection awaits? at Reflectionary

35. “If everyone could see how beautiful…”, the theology of Storypeople at Presbydestrian

36. A simple commandment: Remember, from Salvation & Stilettos

37. Building wings as we leap in faith, a song at Don’t Eat Alone

38. The importance of showing up, at Spacious Faith

39. Trusting God’s ability to find us amidst the shadows, by April Yamasaki

40. “Get good and comfortable with mystery,” at On Being Made Well

41. ‘Easter’ as a verb, from A Musing Amma

42. Gazing at the bread and wondering, What is this?” at Terrapin Station

43. The importance of telling stories, at see-through faith

44. All that is needed in difficult and/or busy seasons, from writing as jo(e)

45. Sunday came … and is coming again, by Bookgirl

46. Finding heaven, at Love During Wartime

47. Naming the resurrections we see — “I have seen the Lord” — at For The Someday Book

48. The beauty of a work in progress, by earthchicknits

49. Despite the familiarity of Easter, it takes time & practice to recognize resurrection, at Ramblings of a Jesus Freak

50. At the end of Eastertide and on the verge of Pentecost, ready to be whipped about by the Wind of the Spirit, at Life From Where I Stand

10 thoughts on “Wednesday Festival: 50 Posts for Eastertide

  1. What a wonderful list. I will be exploring new blogs here. I too posted on the Season of Easter and was surprised in some of the comments from people who didn’t celebrate after Easter Sunday. One has adopted this practice now. so let’s spread the word – He is risen!


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