A new month brings us new members! It’s sort of like the connection between April Showers and May Flowers, except better (both weather-wise and allergy-wise!). There’s a wonderful group of new RevGals joining the Blogroll party, so please hop around the ring and say hello to:

Joylynn of Random Scraps of Thoughtwhich she describes as “like a giant doodle pad, or maybe even an artist’s sketch book.  It is where I go to reflect, ruminate, express and share.  It might not always make total and complete sense, but hopefully it reflects the quirky, divine face of God as found in the ordinary everyday experiences of one loyal servant.”

RevGal Emily has a new blog called A Year of Gratitude. You may have seen her postings in the Facebook group–and now you can find them in the sidebar too! Emily is a “Writer. Preacher. Poet. Teacher. I am not afraid of getting lost, and usually do. But I will get you there, eventually.”

Biblical Storyteller Casey has a blog called Faith and Wonder, and we are excited to have her among us! “I am a wife, a mom, a Presbyterian pastor, and a biblical storyteller, among other things. My great hope is to connect God’s stories with our stories in a way that is both accessible and meaningful. I am a full-time pastor at a wonderful church in northern Virginia, where biblical storytelling has helped shape my ministry over the last few years. One of my biggest thrills has been getting to witness members of my church tell the stories of God. AMAZING.”

Anne is an Episcopal priest who blogs at Sacred Story, looking for ways to connect our everyday to our spiritual journey.

A group of clergy women host and write the blog Women Who Speak In Church: “This is a place for sharing our scholarship as well as personal and professional reflections on being clergy women. We hope what we present will be taken seriously. We also acknowledge there is often a lot of humor that comes with and out of ministry, so we reserve the right to not be too serious, and hope the irony and humor of our experiences will also be taken seriously as part of our theological and personal reflections.”


Let’s give a warm springy RevGal welcome to these new friends!

We hope you'll join the conversation!

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