It’s hard to believe, but it’s the second Wednesday of the month already — I am still feeling the post-Easter air going out of the balloon.  Nevertheless, RevGals are thinking and writing about ministry in fresh ways:

At faith in community, Diane is talking about her plans to learn Spanish and wondering whether “anyone really wants to know the language of faith anymore.”

I wonder how often we remember to ponder God’s dreams as we try to realize our own. Josephine of Barefoot Theology wonders, too, as she writes about The Dream of God.

Like many of us, I struggle with Mother’s Day. Yesterday, that particular annual hullabaloo once again behind us, I discovered Amanda’s post In Defense of Mother’s Day on Appalachian Preacher. I knew a bit of this history, but her detailed and passionate explanation could save the day (pun intended, I guess) for many of us, along with next year’s sermons.

And finally, Mags writes about how she practices both science and spirituality as a chemist and spiritual director. She’s beginning to ask how her two lives intersect, a question which my be asked with increasing frequency as those of us in ministry find ourselves living bi-vocational lives.

Enjoy exploring your own questions with our fabulous writers!

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