As the Easter Season draws to a close, shall we open our week with prayer…(prayer source)

Risen and ascended Christ,
you surround us with witnesses
and send us the Counselor
who opens our minds to understand your teaching.
Bless us with such grace
that our lives may become a blessing for the world
now, and in the age to come. Amen.

So it appears that one of the first tasks this week is to decide what exactly we are calling this week?

Is it Ascension Sunday (readings are here)

Is it Easter 7A? (readings are here)

Or do you have to plan for both this week — Ascension on Thursday and Easter 7A on Sunday?

And indeed I note that there is overlap in the Acts readings so that the Ascension story is in fact covered in both options.


Ascension (note the feet sticking out of the cloud)
Ascension (note the feet sticking out of the cloud)

How does one handle the Ascension story?  What is the message of it? Where does it tie in with the development of Trinitarian doctrine?  And I note that both times Luke tells the story (how important does he think the story is that he ends one book and starts the next with the same event?) there is a clear message about going out to live and share the Gospel as soon as they have been baptized with the Spirit, not just wait for the parousia.  Is that a challenge for the early community?  For the current community?


THen there is Easter 7.

John’s Farewell Discourse continues with Jesus’ prayer.  Do we still hold that prayer for ourselves?

Or more from 1 Peter.  More words of encouragement for an obviously struggling community.


So much possibility this week.  Where are you leaning?  Has the Spirit yet to give you a push? Please join in the discussion with your wisdom, comment, questions, frustrations…


6 thoughts on “RCL Leanings: Up Up and Away? Edition

  1. Reading the Easter 7 texts, but I think I’m preaching on the Acts Ascension passage. Just to keep everyone on their toes. I think.


  2. It’s youth Sunday here. The kids picked the Easter 7 Gospel passage and Psalm, but are at a loss what to do with it. I’m their “go to” person. Was working with them a bit this weekend at all church camp. Hope to receive drafts on Wednesday. Prayers for these 3 seniors would be appreciated. –Wendy


  3. In the Easter 7 texts, and looking at Acts, I am struck by “Why do you stand looking up toward heaven?” How often do I stay rooted in the same place, looking at where I have seen God in the past, rather than searching for where God is in the present? (closely related to “We’ve always done it this way…,” which thankfully is not a big issue in our church). That’s about all I have at this point, but at least it is a starting point!


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