Sometimes the title of a blog or the headline of an editorial catches your eye. Sometimes it’s the caption under a picture or the brilliance of 140 tweeted characters that prompts you to click through to read more. Arguably, those moments of piqued interest are pure marketing, but I believe that the Spirit knows a little something about nabbing our attention as well — taking hold of our ears, surprising our gazes, interrupting our routines with something out of the ordinary.

Yes, that's one blue car atop another. Yes, I really drove past this peculiar sight. The extraordinary can be found even along our daily commutes!
Yes, that’s one blue car atop another. Yes, I really drove past this peculiar sight one day in Cleveland. Apparently, the extraordinary can be found even along one’s daily commute!

From across our RGBP network, here is a festival of stories, songs, silliness, and surprises of the Spirit meeting us in unexpected and unordinary moments:

+ Never have I ever seen the conversation on discerning a call to ministry expressed in video through singing puppets! Sister Sarah shares “Do You Wanna Be A Sister?”

+ Startling recommendations for a plugged-in world: Don’t check Facebook, don’t answer the phone on your Sabbath day, and other great suggestions.

+ Amy Hanson uses the surprising image of a cozy electric blanket to highlight what the Spirit is … or rather, isn’t. Check out her sermon from this past Sunday.

+ Discovering and wandering our way through the ordinary, sometimes the extraordinary is this reminder: “There is no small thing.”

+ The inherent weirdness of Christianity (if/when we choose to embody faith that way), “because normal isn’t working.”

+ And when all feels uncertain and unfamiliar, that question we often pose to the Spirit: “Where are we headed?”

How have you been surprised by the Spirit — in your own life recently, and/or as you’ve read your colleagues’ blogs this past week? Add a comment, share a link, celebrate the extraordinary movements of the Spirit!

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