The RevGals and RevPals are blogging some really hefty topics this week. There are several fantastic posts to choose from, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Please read, inwardly digest, and engage in the comments of these posts:

  • Joanna at Spacious Faith has a thought-provoking blog post that references LBGT debates in the Mennonite churches, Walter Wink and the Third Way. Grab a good cuppa whatever helps you think and go read!
  • Sally’s Journeys at Eternal Echo has written a poem/meditation on the mystery of God in the Eucharist that was shared last evening in ministry with the homeless. It was truly breath-taking to read and imagine the community gathered pondering that mystery.
  • Elsa at (Im)possible things with God ponders women in ordination and how we support one another despite tradition, and not just over and against our male counterparts. She is challenging us each to a bigger and more inclusive idea of what it means to be called as a woman. There are some interesting conversation points there, especially as it relates to who we are as RevGals and what we try to do in our spaces.
  • Linda at against a brick wall recalls a gorgeous story of being called to work she felt inadequate to do. It is a story of life and love and the survival of a precious little one.
  • A Church for Starving Artists paints a picture of a Spiritually Confident Congregation – there are 9 characteristics listed there. Are there any you would add? Any you might modify?
  • Marci has an intriguing idea posted over at Glass Overflowing! She wants to test whether or not Focus on the Family would really return US mail that was bearing a Harvey Milk postage stamp. It could be a fun summer experiment, with a bit of inclusive evangelism thrown in for good measure.
  • Jules at You Win Some, You Learn Some is reflecting over her last ten years – the years she has been ordained. She is a wonderful blogger and has several new posts this week. Do yourself a favor and get to know her there.
  • Crimson Rambler is declaring a goal to blog more, to which I say “Yay!” The thematic sentence for this post is: “It’s about the difficulty of faith and the unpalatability of unfaith, I guess.”  Exquisite!

Post a link to your own pondering in the comments – don’t be afraid to toot your own horn and get other RevGals to check out your latest post.


11 thoughts on “Wednesday Festival – Writer’s Party

  1. Ooo! A supportive group of RevGalPals! Love love love it.

    Here’s tonight’s blog post, from A Year of Being Kind (365 Days of Service). I thought it was very good!
    My son and I in conversation. What’s more, being kind–together! #newpost in #ayearofbeingkind


  2. Welcome Chaplain ELiza! Thanks for the link – I’ll head over there now. We have a fun tradition here of leaving bloodstones when we read a blog that looks like (o). It lets the author know you were there. If I remember to leave one on your blog, now you will know what it is 🙂


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