For many years, I was a member of a large United Methodist Church, and so I got used to June as a time of transition. The senior pastors tended to stick around for a decade or more, but the associates shifted in and out with regularity. Today, I find that RevGal writers are pondering all sorts of movement: a pastor off on a mission trip, a priest embracing a new life, the Spirit wandering around the world, a spiritual director stepping into the darkness — and folks usually visited in Guatelmala making a reciprocal journey to Texas.

Walking on the hard, packed trails of the earth instead of on concrete? Ramona shares some impressions of Nicaragua and the impact of her experiences there last week in Ramblings of a Jesus Freak.

Rosa of Las Puertas Abiertas de Par en Par is making her move from Florida to Alabama, a transition that encompasses many other large movements in her life. Her posts of the last month or so have detailed the dramas, large and small: urban to rural, parish priest to national consultant, husband’s retirement and health challenges, daughter’s gains and losses. Here she shares the words spoken to her at her ordination years ago, words for all of us.

A week or two I participated in a brief discussion at a Presbytery meeting about ministering to the “spiritual but not religious.” I wish that we had had Josephine’s post before us, in which she speaks of the worldview possessed by so many of the “nones” and the opportunity to open our hearts to the many ways in which the Spirit moves among us.

Jeff has almost completed his training as a spiritual director, and reflects upon what it means, as Barbara Brown Taylor says in her new book, to accompany people when they seek to move further into caves of darkness rather than when they are looking for help in being pulled out.

An finally, Jane writes in her journey about her eyes being opened by reverse travel: the Guatemalans her people usually visit coming to the United States tis year. A bit of Presbyterian Guatemalan history and a look at Dallas through other eyes. (Scroll back to her May 27 post – I can’t get the link to work!)

Where are you going this summer, literally or figuratively? Please share your links in the comments!

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