Sometimes it’s those “spiritual highs” that capture our spiritual imaginations and set our hearts soaring. But more often (in my experience), it’s the everyday too-easily-overlooked “God moments” that sustain us, ground us, and call us toward hope — like the few heartbeats of time spent with your neck craned backwards to take in a blue sky with a deep breath.


Take a deep breath and savor these everyday God moments shared around our RGBP blogging community:

  • Rev Rosa observes, “My days right now are about very basic motion — lean down, unwrap, put up … take the dogs out to wander … prepare simple meals … go to bed … grind and brew fresh coffee, say the Daily Office.” I appreciate experiencing her slow pace and feel myself slowing down as I read her post.
  • Sister Sarah takes the time to be still and to watch a muskrat as it collects a fresh salad and says its evening prayers. (Sing along if you know the tune, “Muskrat Love”!)
  • Deb says goodbye to her place of work and ministry, blessing the difficult moments and the heartbreaking stories as she leaves, receiving the blessing of the butterflies and day lilies as she arrives.
  • Diane visits the zoo, where children marvel in wonder to see a monarch caterpillar hidden next to the more flagrant flamingo.
  • Sarah shares a blanket, bright and colorful and newly-finished, created day by day and row by row for a still-awaited little one.

We give thanks and praise for the presence of God in the everyday moments of our lives! Where has God met you, stirred you, called you to thankfulness and mindfulness in the everyday? Share a comment and/or a blog link.


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