Horseshoe Lake June evening

So many ways of being church and reflecting upon church this summer! Enjoy your reading!

Thanks to the grace of God, there is no need to decide which is better: Martha’s Reflectionary prayer for pastors after a wedding, or the kinetic scuptures which inspired it. I have few desires for material things (well, except for books), but these sculptures inspire utter covetousness in my heart!

Rosa continues her​ series of posts in Las Puertas Abiertas de Par en Par on her transition from the frenetic pace of life as the pastor of a small and challenging congregation in Fort Lauderdale to her role with the national Episcopal Church as she and her husband make their new home in rural Alabama. Last week, she went to the Baptist 4th of July celebration and bought a tractor mower. I urge you to backtrack to the beginning of her Alabama adventure; I have been enthralled as I have followed each new step in her journey.

In case you missed this one on Sunday, April paused at her Table to write a ​letter to her perfect idea of a church: the fantasy church that doesn’t exist and yet blinds us to the gracious work of God among us in the church that does. A beautiful, beautiful post.

In “The Funeral I Didn’t Want,” Diane of Faith in Community writes about the ambivalence and genuine sorrow we feel when serving the families of beloved parishoners with whom we have shared abundant life.

Questing Parson writes about ecumenism in action. It’s too bad that so many of these experiences go unremarked, since we don’t want to create repercussions for those whose generosity motivates them to cross denominational boundary lines that often seem impassable, but QP has found the right timing to describe a moment that affected him deeply.

And finally, if you’re in the U.S. and looking for something to tuck away for the next time the dilemmas of July 4 worship arise, Jan of Yearning for God has posted the lyrics to a wonderful new (?) hymn, “Growing Allegiance” by Paul Priest.

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Image: Summertime in Ohio (MRC)



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    Lots of wonderful posts to check out. Thank you for sharing with us!


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