Ah most holy and abundant God:
praise is due to you for the beauty of the earth!
Praise is due to you for the relationships that change our lives!
Praise is due to you for the work that we are gifted to do.

We add our gratitude and joy to the tribute sung
by the cry of the swallow and the gurgle of the stream,
the bark of the fox and the sigh of the wind
and even the buzz of the fly.

We offer thanksgiving and many prayers for
the relationships that are full of love and warmth,
those relationships marked by tension and conflict,
the relationships we miss, the ones that have changed,
and the ones that are all of the above.

We ask for faith and perseverance in all we do:
to continue in hope and creativity the work that feels like a dead-end;
to show up faithfully for the work that feels beyond our control;
to welcome others into the planting and harvesting alike;
to listen and watch closely for your Spirit in all things.

Give life and renewed life to this flesh, we pray.
Refresh our voices for praise and
our spirits for work and
our hearts for love.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Prayer

    1. Absolutely, please make use of the prayers in your ministry settings and for your own spirit! That’s why they are here. 🙂


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