For those of us in the northern hemisphere, we’re squarely in midsummer now. It’s gorgeous and the perfect time to meet new friends!


Kirsten is an Episcopalian spending a year serving in Bosnia.

Rosalind is an Episcopalian as well, born in England and raised in south Wales, and now shares a home near Cleveland, Ohio, with her husband, three teenaged children, three cats, a goldfish and, most recently, Rose the rat.

Elizabeth’s Year of Being Kind and A Matter of Prayer give glimpses into the life of a UCC chaplain who is a daughter and sister, a wife and mother, has four healthy, curious and strong-minded children in their teens and twenties, and a loving husband who works as a senior editor at a trade publication in Chicago.

Teri O has Something to Say . She is a PCUSA pastor currently serving as chaplain at Monmouth College. She and her husband have two energetic young children and one skittish German Shepherd named Percy.

Janet of Dancing With The Wordis a Lutheran pastor in Northern Illinois. While she enjoys her work as a pastor, you are as likely to find her walking her neighborhood, reading a good book or trying out a new bread recipe. She learned the art of story-telling at the dinner table growing up and continues to take joy in discovering connections between the Holy and the ordinary world.

Abandoned Water Jars is written by a Baptist pastor in Kansas. She is passionate about encouraging women, especially young women, in their identity as daughters of God and as called to ministry. She and her husband have two grown children and five grandchildren.

Proclamation is the sermon blog of Canoeist Pastor, a Lutheran pastor/knitter/Star Wars fan  in the upper midwest.

Ruth is an ELCA pastor in Texas, a mom, a writer, a baker of ridiculously good scones, and a participant in a Norwegian reality show!

Beth Richardson  is a United Methodist deacon, and editor of Alive Now magazine. She enjoys photography, writing, and sharing life with a very wise Scottish Terrier named Jack.

Amber Belldene used to hide Nancy Drew novels in the church bulletin. Now she is an Episcopal priest who writes romance novels! She and her husband and their two children live in San Francisco.


Please take some of those lazy summer afternoons to stop by and say hello, soak up stories, and offer a warm (or cooling!) RGBP welcome to these great new friends!

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