One a day vitamins womenSince this is my first week posting a Wednesday Festival Blog Post, I found myself spending most of my spare time today reading everything that was posted over the past week. What a rich, challenging and rewarding set of writings from you all! I decided to share with you a “one-a-day vitamin” of blog posts from this past week, reflecting the great diversity of what’s out there.

One Day Ago

In her review of a remarkable book, Once Upon a Town, the Miracle of the Canteen, Lynn shows us just how just ten minutes can make a life-long impact: the secret is generous hospitality.

Two Days Ago

M Malick recalls the past year’s transition from ministry to tentmaking, and considers the call to be a voice in the wilderness.

Three Days Ago

A poem from Susan about the Bizarre Yet Beautiful nature of life and its events.

Four Days Ago

A poem from Rachel about nothing / everything that separates us – from God and one another.

Five Days Ago

Roberta asks us to consider the message contained in this Buddhist prayer: “First 72 labors brought us this food.  We should know how it comes to us.” How do we recognize all the connections involved in our lives?

Six Days Ago

Susan brings us along on a discernment walk she took this day, and the interesting challenge she was given along the way.

Seven Days Ago

Ann expresses how hard it is to open up to others about health challenges – especially when it’s us who’s facing them.

What have you been reading and writing this past week? Leave a link in the comments below, and when you visit the posts above, please let the writers know you were there with a comment.


Editor’s Note: We’re excited to welcome Jill to our Wednesday Festival team!

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