Happy August!

Summer is beginning to wind down in some parts of the world. I’ve even seen some back to school pictures already. August is one of those sneaky times of transition: new school, new teachers, new beginnings, etc. In parish ministry, I have found that naming those transitions is vital to the tension many feel this month as new patterns and rhythms of life develop.  There are several blog posts about transition – and grief – either around transitions or around world events and new normals. There are new beginnings to celebrate here also.


  • Robin will be starting a new Blog adventure soon. I look forward to reading the new experiences.
  • Deb reflected her teachings and experience of. Grief workshop. I’m bookmarking it for future reference.
  • Josephine explores grief from the angle of a poet looking for words.
  • April reflects and shares the Stations of the Cross for everyday remembering.
  • Jenny ponders back to school shopping, body image and being fearfully and wonderfully made.
  • Sally has found the poetic words to describe the eternal struggle we all face as we find our internal sense of peace in a war-torn world. Love the repetition – and the feeling of the endless cycle.
  • Go over and wish Katherine a Happy 10th Bloggiversary!!

I  read all the latest blog posts while waiting for my 19 yr old to do some aptitude testing. He’s starting his Sophomore year of college and cannot narrow his studies to anything beyond “math & science.” For young people making lifelong decisions, Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer.  It was a pleasure to read and catch up on everyone’s blogs!


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