The Pilgrim Way full image

with Ruth Everhart

(author of Chasing the Divine in the Holy Land)

Macdonald’s Holyrood Hotel, Edinburgh, Scotland

Ruth writes: “The gift of pilgrimage changed my faith. All my life I’ve been immersed in Scripture, but most of my learning stayed above the neck, in the realm of ideas. As a pilgrim, I felt Scripture seeping further down into my being. A pilgrim travels dusty roads, swims in holy water, drinks Palestinian-made wine, eats olives and pita bread, lights candles, touches stones, whispers prayers, laughs, cries and sings. Being a pilgrim is not about traveling to a particular place, as much as immersing oneself in the Spirit-filled past so it can infuse our present. As the old hymns say, we’re all pilgrims on a journey. “ Once we return home, how do we remain pilgrims at heart? How might this shape our lives?

“What does it mean to be a pilgrim? Could I be one?”

Ruth Everhart
Ruth Everhart

Many Christians would love to travel to the Holy Land, but hesitate. They’re inhibited by the expense, the potential discomfort, even the possibility of danger. Yet, the transformative power of pilgrimage beckons.

We invite you to join us for three days to explore pilgrimage and its benefits. With Everhart’s leadership, we will explore the power of pilgrimage and discern where God is calling us, whether it be to a geographical pilgrimage or to the deeper inner pilgrimage which describes the life of faith.

The Reverend Ruth Everhart is a graduate of Calvin College (1979) and the United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities (1989). She grew up in the Christian Reformed Church and was ordained in the Presbyterian Church (USA). Ruth has served as both solo and staff pastor. She is a longtime member of RevGalBlogPals and blogs at Love the Work . . . . (do the work).

Cost: £400* ($675) which includes the program and three nights bed and full board at at Macdonald’s Holyrood Hotel, Edinburgh. The program begins at 3 p.m. on Tuesday, April 21 and continues through lunch on Friday, April 24, comprising 20 hours of classroom time. Places are limited to 30 participants.

This is an approved event under the Church of Scotland Study Leave Scheme.


The Pilgrim Way title onlyBecause the registration process differs depending on country, we are not able to offer online registration for this event. Initial deposits will be due September 20. For details, please email revgalblogpals at gmail dot com for a registration form.

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